M.Sc. Lighting Design & B.A. Production Design



Newly educated scientific lighting designer.
From a combination of design and scientific education, my view of the world is quite advanced. My motivation origins from diving head-first into projects and solving problems through evidence, while creating new knowledge.

As can be seen throughout the page, my experience reaches far and consists of a high number of projects - both Danish and international. My strengths are overview, commitment and the ability to predict and visualize - both mentally and on (digital) paper. My work is enhanced by a high understanding of technology and a love for colors.

As a person, I am curious and determined to complete whatever goals find my way. The last years have been characterized by traveling, exploring and meeting people. Travelling, the international education and a team-leader job has taught me to communicate with every type of person, which I believe is an important asset.

I dream of improving the world, but aim for smaller steps along the way, whether it's about generating new knowledge, enhancing experiences by utilizing modern lighting technologies, or designing intelligent & interactive solutions.

Feel free to send me a message or catch me somewhere in the Danish nature. I'm always up for a beer or a virtual cup of coffee.



My path was set around the age of 10, when I got my own computer and began playing around creating text-based games. Around the same time, I began music lessons and started drawing. It didn't take me long before I discovered how to compose my own music and do audio recording and I jumped on my first video-game-modding project. Eventually, I ended up working hundreds of hours in the modding community, composing music, drawing concept art, doing simple coding, mapping game levels etc. After a few years, a friend and I found ourselves running our own modding-project with a 20-member team, teaching ourselves everything necessary to fit in a project environment.

The experience got me accepted to the Production Design education at The Royal Danish Academy, The Designschool, which led to a Master of Science degree in Lighting Design at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. Through that time, I finished various projects, such as mobile app development and novel writing, which may be found in this portfolio as well.





Feel free to reach out to me if in need of assistance with a project, if interested in more project examples, or simply if wishing to chat about life and interesting topics. Contact information can be found here, as well as links to my social media profiles. I'm always up for a beer or a cup of coffee in or nearby Copenhagen.